Roundwood Garage offer

  • Quality, competitive service and repair for all makes and sizes of vehicle
  • MOT testing for Car, Van, Motor-home and Minibus
  • Fast Fit Tyres Exhaust and Batteries
  • Digital Diagnostic and warning light fault finding for all makes, car, vans and trucks.
  • Car and Truck wheel alignment and 4 wheel steering geometry check and adjust
  • Mercedes Van Specialist. Sprinter, Vito, Vario, Parts Service and Repair
  • Commercial Vehicle 'O' Licence support & maintenance.
  • Air Conditioning service and repair for all types and size of vehicle.

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We can take care of your vehicle reducing your transport costs through planned service schedules and preventative maintenance. Good knowledge built up over many years owning and operating commercial vehicles means we can apply that ability to your fleet. Whether you own one or thirty one vehicles we can help, Simple things like incorrect wheel alignment and tyre pressures can reduce tyre life and increase fuel consumption. Regular servicing is well proven to increase vehicle life and reduce breakdowns. All maintenance can be carried out to suit your needs allowing you to get the most from your vehicle.