Our Equipment

At Roundwood Garage we have become rather proud of our large collection of high quality tools and equipment that enables us to offer the highest standards of workmanship and accuracy.

One of Roundwood Garage's main objectives is to offer a high quality of service to our customers. We feel we have achieved this goal, but realise that it is a process of continual improvement. This is achieved by means of investment in our staff through learning, and investment in the equipment we use.

Roundwood Garage use a comprehensive range of specialist equipment which allows us to do our job accurately, correctly and to a very high standard. We are constantly adding the latest tools and technology to our range enabling us to keep ahead in the ever changing automotive industry.

At Roundwood Garage we believe that investment in the right equipment is key to being able to service modern vehicles to the high standards required of them. Motor mechanics is now a state of the art industry and certain jobs can only be achieved with the right specialist tools designed for the job. With this in mind our workshops are internally audited on a regular basis to ensure that what we use is up to date, designed for the task and of the highest quality.

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