Roller Brake Tester combined for car and Trucks to 15 t axle load
The IW 4 EUROSYSTEM brake tester is the premium tester of the IW 4 series. With the EUROSYSTEM testing lane software based on Windows XP and a SQL database, it provides the user with endless possibilities. Whether “only” needed as a brake tester, used as diagnostics reception or as control unit for the workshop processes. The IW 4 EUROSYSTEM is the all-rounder. In combination with other testers, it provides a complete, objective assessment of the vehicle within seconds. Recommended by vehicle manufacturers and tested by international testing organisations in endurance tests, the tester provides a high degree of ergonomics. Upgradeable with all-wheel regulation set, the IW 4 EUROSYSTEM is the ideal diagnostic brake tester. Particularly suitable for reception and diagnostics lanes with high vehicle throughput; it exceeds the requirements for the main inspection and is network-compatible