Today the diagnostics tool is an essential piece of equipment for every vehicle workshop. Whatever the fault, it is likely that during each repair process the ECUs will need to be accessed to clear the fault codes or configure the replacement components, operations that are only possible using a diagnostic tool. Now even scheduled service and maintenance in many cases requires the use of diagnostic equipment, to reset the service lights and check or activate the various systems. With many years of experience in this constantly changing and complex field, TEXA has specialised in providing solutions for multi-brand workshops. By providing the most modern and innovative solutions in the market and by using the latest technology, TEXA has always tried to save technicians’ time by simplifying the repair process. The NAVIGATOR TXT and NAVIGATOR TXC are the latest multi-brand diagnostics interfaces by TEXA; they can communicate with the vehicles’ electronic control units, guaranteeing performance and speed that redefine multi-brand diagnostics. The development of these interfaces has been focused on reducing the communication times, and ensuring the tool is practical to use. Thanks to an internal 64 MB memory, the devices can save all the communication programs previously used; and if a diagnostic program is required again, it retrieves the information already stored from the internal memory. This reduces the time required for the communication with the ECU by over 70%. Also by using an automatic internal switch, the devices can communicate with the ECUs on all models of vehicles. No adapter is required, as the cable supplied can be connected directly to the diagnostic socket. While the NAVIGATOR TXT can be used for diagnostics on all types of vehicles (cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles), the NAVIGATOR TXC can only communicate with cars equipped with an EOBD socket (vehicles manufactured after 2001).

The UNIProbe is a system for measuring analogue and digital measurements.

 A unique solution that includes six different tools, specifically developed for the automotive industry.
The UNIProbe is the evolution of the acquisition and measurement tools that assists the day-to-day experience of repair technicians and TEXA engineers.
The UNIProbe is a lightweight and handy tool with a vast range of possible applications.
Technicians often waste time changing from one tool to another when having to perform different tests on the same vehicle.
With the TEXA UNIProbe, this is no longer the case, as intuitive and standardised processing software makes it possible to instantly switch from one test to the next, without interruption.
The UNIProbe includes four different tools:
• OSCILLOSCOPE with four independent analogue channels;
• BATTERY PROBE for testing the battery, as well as analysing and checking the entire starting and charging system.
• TNET for electrical testing and analysis of automotive communication networks (CAN, VAN, LIN);
• MULTIMETER for voltage, resistance and current measurements;
Moreover, the UNIProbe can also be used as a SIGNAL GENERATOR to simulate the pulses generated by the sensors and reproduce the commands generated by the control units.
• PRESSURE TESTING: tests fuel and turbo pressure on all vehicles.

DEC Superscan 3

Introduced in 1999, the Superscan is regarded as one of the World’s most outstanding diagnostic Scantools. Now in its 3rd phase of development, Superscan 3 has evolved into...The Intelligent Scantool. Discover the incredible capabilities of this truly outstanding scanner...

VCDS Pro-Kit

VW/Audi/SEAT/Skoda Dealership Technicians
Independent Foreign Auto Repair Shops
Automotive Locksmiths
Automatic Transmission Specialists
Advanced enthusiast users with VW/Audi vehicles.