Air Conditioning

The TEXA KONFORT 650 EVOLUTION professional service station is a development of the 610E model with the addition of important, new features regarding service efficiency. This device fits high-precision electronic scales for monitoring and controlling oil recovery and oil / UV tracer injection.
These quantities are managed by the software which, after having weighed the liquid contained in each canister, processes the amount to be introduced into the system on the basis of data stored in the database. The system is consequently capable of introducing the exact amount of oil and UV tracer required to reach the predetermined weight.
This process implements a high-precision load cell system, with a resolution of 1 grams and 2% error margin, arranged at each canister. The canisters may be conveniently accessed and easily topped up through the side hatch.
Automatic and programmable mode may be selected also on this model and data may be retrieved from a reference value database. The electronic scales provide accurate and reliable measurement, allowing editing of the data stored in the database without affecting operation results.
Information for the database can be updated automatically thanks to the (optional) GPRS module..
KONFORT 650 EVOLUTION is the ideal service station for workshops and service centres which require an automatic tool, capable of working on all car and truck climate control systems. The weighing accuracy of the electronic scales ensures precise, reliable servicing.